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Username: Carat
Last Online: 14 Feb 2021, 9:12 pm
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    • bubble tae why have i never thought of that. me and my friend did this role-play type of thing? where we did like, a fake bts group chat and for tae's name i had it as fantaesticbb. i think that's my favorite tae pun to date :') yEs thank you i'll definitely check it out!! and yeah, i'd probably cry too, tbh. i watched no.mercy before monsta x debuted and i cried way too much when i watched it. i'm weak lmao

      and yes, i did :o thank you!! that actually means a lot, auroshen's paintie is actually one of my favorite painties on the site, haha.

    • yEs i love winner's music,, they've been one of the groups i've been meaning to get more into actually, aha. AND NCT HOW COULD I HAVE FORGOTTEN NCT. and zitao too yes,, i love him.

      well, you got the low id at least :') and it's cute so!! all the names i wanted were taken so now im just...JEONCENA. though my ultimate bias is taehyung and i was trying to think of a username with 'tae' in it and for sOmE rEAsOn,, the first thing that popped to my mind was taebles

    • i like/listen to alOt of groups,, seriously i need to stop stanning so many groups. but to name a few; astro, oh my girl, shinee, vixx, got7, f(x), monsta x, 2ne1, b.a.p,

      what about you? besides seventeen, assuming you stan them bc your username B')

    • yes i believe in father scoopy. he must do it...for the children...//wipes tear, dramatic music playing

    • blasphemy

      the legend has been passed on to s.coups,, seungcheol cena. the question is, can he uphold the legacy

    • reptiles and kpop yes,, let's be friends

    • Hey can I subscribe or add you? I'd love to see what other panties you create xo

    • Your profile is so plesant, plus Auroshen is gorgeous!

    • Thankies for the kind comment! <3

    • Thank you very much!! <3

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