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Username: Ro
Gender: Female
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:01 pm

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    • I just want you to know, that every time I see a really cute paintie I like they are always done by you! Keep being awesome!

    • Just dropping in to say that I'm seriously amazed to see that someone else has a pig fursona too!
      I suddenly feel less lonely in this canine-filled furry world :D

    • Wah! Thats really nice. ;w; I might haha we'll see. My village is going to HATE ME !!!

      <3 I've been tempted to do an adopt style AC on FV but i think my ponies re enough atm

    • There was an update. owo; oh man don't tell me that! I love that game. I've been playing Pokemon Sun <3 Need to run home then clean boo.

    • How are you this morning. <3 Sorry I'm broad ;w;

    • sits with* Morning <3

    • Your art is the most adorable thing i've ever seen ;-;

    • aAAAAA I suppose so !!

      sorry for that eee ,,,

    • I know but I was just worried because you //just// made a shop and ,,

      idk i worry too much.

    • urm oh I'm sorry to bother you, but I wanted to say I'm superduper sorry !!!

      I just opened up chibi art commissions on here and I realized that you just made one too and I feel awful because i'm like copying you even though I didn't mean to -----

      did you want me to take it down because I totally can ???

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