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Username: Ro
Gender: Female
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:01 pm

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    • Oh my gosh I'm going to cry I can't beleive I actually won omg!
      I can't wait t do some art of her!
      Thank you so so much for holding the raffle!!!

    • X'D I was not expecting that in the least. Thank you though!!! xD That actually made my brain pause, lol.

    • Do you take comms?

    • U got rocks ???

    • Do you have an art thread? Because I've seen some of your art and it truly rocks ;)

    • I see you also collect rocks. XD

      Also, I wish I could do a full body chibi of your gaia girlie, but I don't know if my style's good enough. ^_^'
      I have a couple art threads, if you wanna see what it generally looks like. :P

      But yeah, I just felt compelled to visit your profile because ROCKS. <3

    • so many rocks

    • i love your painties ;o;

    • Since you did a name change and someone else now rolls with the username Pip, i have to redo the tag on Goldie as the @ Pip goes to this new user... Just a bit of random info I thought to share.

    • Ohh! Thanks or the magic plush you dropped on the Giving Tree!

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