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User ID: #17476
Username: Hatty
Gender: Female
Last Online: 7 Nov 2020, 4:24 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 11:48 pm

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Hatty • Married •
* INFJ ♥ Cat Lady ♥ Artist *

Hubby & Hatty

+6 Hours Ahead of Furvilla time.



Profile Background by me.
Not really active here anymore.
If you wanna chat, hit me up on Dappervolk.

JHW8Xr { My favourite two things are food, and cats. )

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

request_by_hatakesage__oc_hatake_by_cute { Have a lovely day!

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    • Just wanted to say I miss your art~ I know life is more important~ I hope you're doing well~ :3

    • Heeeey, thank you! I'm actually much much much better today!

    • AAAh! I love your profile! <3

    • Ahh you’re welcome!! I’m glad you enjoyed it <3

    • aww thank you! ive been feeling a little sick so that made my day better :D also i LOVE your profile!! i hope you have a nice day/night too :3

    • ooh same to you! i hope youre having a fun new years. heres to a full year of good vibes!

    • Sure thing, do you wanna be on the general, or anything specific? :3

    • Haha! <3 You're welcome to lurk! ^_^

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