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User ID: #89848
Username: Cakooie
Registered: 15 Mar 2017, 1:38 pm

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Hello! Im Cakooie, but you can call me Cako!
Feel free to shoot me a friend request!

In advance, I'd like to thank any fairies that visit me!

Always in need of paintie tickets

Status: on hiatus

CSS by noll

Ya :P

Villagers 10

Comments 85

    • violetpool made the little tokens C:

    • What is a wyvern?

    • That would be great, thanks. Trade replies to :)

      I sent the male (didn't know which sex you wanted), if you'd prefer the female then just send the male back via a trade back and I'll send over the female.

    • What type of DAD plush is it? I already have the Magic Bay DAD, but I'd definitely be interested if it was one of the other two.

    • Sure, I'm interested. What are you offering?

    • Not at the moment, sorry.

    • Oh yes i can remember now!
      but i just read back and realized what you wanted for it. i would love to... but i am mainly trying to get USD
      Since i have to save up so much money for... well next year.. gotta save over $1000

    • Could you show me the one i did for you?
      Since i don't remember :D!

    • Would you trade Creme for a nudragon?

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