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User ID: #2031
Username: corrin
Gender: Genderfluid
Last Online: 31 Aug 2020, 1:51 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:19 pm

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Hi im corrin
rLPG7eW.gif rMrIzJ2.giftxRxrUO.gif

orWrVLk.gif Fz7zXCJ.gifNepZZYr.gif
feel free to add me for whatever reason i love making friends!!!
OH Gosh if it wasnt obvious i id as corrin from fire emblem fates and i rlly want to find cannon mates!!
im autistic and i have adhd both prof diagnosed i have some stuff self dx but im not so comfortable sharing
my tumblr is http://hyperactive.co.vu/
official sjw furry
genderfluid any pronouns r cool w me !!!
Im from an island called Cuba in the Caribbean
also kamuzero is my fuckng life

If i added you please talk to me chances are i really want to talk to you i lov mkng friends !! pls go for it

i only have one villager because being a warrior cost money because you need knives and i need to buy knives frequently feel free to gift me some free knives please i need knives im running out of funds the knives are eating me out of a house and home i keep my edgy village safe with these knives that i buy but the knives break faster than i earn money to buy more knives i cant earn money without knives so if i earn money from fighting but i need knives to fight but knives break in less turns than the turns it takes me to earn money to buy knives i am destined for economic ruin

so please stop buying me knives i have no way of trading them so i end up not having knives but people who dont need knives r buying knives thus making the knife demand bigger this is currently inflating the knife economy and thus making knives harder for me to buy

unless the forums come back up me and my knives will never be able to make a penny in todays furvilla economy

so many furries are online wtf

(i had to sadly change my career rip knives)

4J63Ty0.gif ADOYqk1.gif

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    • you have pained me in ways that no man has ever ..

    • hello lov...

    • i am A Sort Of rich furry yes

    • just stating the facts(tm)

    • ur furry is gayer........

    • i am

    • you're a bigger furry than me

    • haha furry

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