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Username: Admiral
Gender: Unspecified
Last Online: 26 Jan 2020, 9:56 pm
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 6:52 am

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Hello! Whoever you are, I hope you have a nice day!

- reset for hero fest
- ???
-11 ikes
- profit


AK-ETU: 350kfc

Dreamcatcher pixel by kriskrossness !

Villagers 20

Comments 84

    • Sure thing! :D Sorry about the rant haha. Have a good day!

    • Uguhughugh I knowww.
      I have a few common animals, but I think it depends on where you're located?
      Olde Foxbury's animal taming common selection is poor. But the common animals in the spooky place are priced way higher. For example, I found a brown chest and its worth like 100g? But the pumpkitty (another common one) is worth like 4k.

      It's crazy. The want is just meh so the price is horrid, plus it takes a million years to train them when you find them :P They just arent worth it.

    • Thank you! Dia de Los Muertos is my favourite theme! I was thinking of doing another to match, haha.
      I added you as a friend btw! :D I hope we chat sometime! x
      I'm trying real hard to level up my villagers xD I seriously need to make a tailor though. They and blacksmiths are my favourite skills IRL, but I think they're too hard in this game haha. :p

    • Armistice looks so cool! He's such a good design!

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