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Username: AmbrosiaYoutube
Gender: Non-Binary
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The Legion Of The Broken Rose Ring

Once, there was a princess named Enertia. Enertia was a beautiful princess, and a clever fox. She was to be wed to a snake prince, Prince Synergy, but something happened. A witch named Ghazal, an alicorn, despised Enertia because she loved Synergy. She placed a curse on them, so whenever they felt safest, happiest, and most comfortable, they would instantly die. Over the years, the couple has been reincarnated, many times. Each of Ghazal's descendants made sure the curse didn't fail and that the Broken Rose Ring, the thing that kept the curse going, remained broken. Until now. Ambrosia, the last living descendant of Ghazal, did not wish to keep the curse going. Her only problem? She has no idea where the Broken Rose Ring is. So she formed The Legion Of The Broken Rose Ring, to find the ring and mend it, ending the curse. She and ten other heroes arose. Dawnstep, the Herbalist. Windstride, the Animal Keeper. Willowwisp, the Crafter. Hearthspark, the Healer. Sly, the Cook. Slick, the Blacksmith. Maybird, the Warrior. Lifelight, the Builder. Shadowheart, the Tailor. Sparkblaze, the Alchemist. And her, Ambrosia, the Explorer. Together, these eleven friends, eleven heroes, travel across the known world on a giant wooden creation that looks like a series of buildings connected by platforms. It's called The Hall Of The Broken Rose, and it's powered by magnolia seeds and sunflower oil. This is The Legion Of The Broken Rose.

Link to my YouTube channel!

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    • hi

    • My breeding is all done, I just gave you a pair for being willing to help out.

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