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User ID: #206657
Username: LightningRaccoon
Gender: Demigirl
Last Online: 29 Nov 2021, 7:48 pm
Registered: 29 Jun 2021, 10:55 pm

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BRAND NEW UPDATE: I'm back to being online in furvilla! Also, want to catch me in real life next year? I'll be fursuiting at Confuror 2022!!! Seek me out as a Opossum Skullie, my fursona, Nekros! fursuit will appear down here when I get the money!

If you're interested in the convention, here's the link. This year the convention is online, but, next year it's going to take place in Guadalajara, Jalisco! Hope to catch you there!

'Sup! Im LightningRaccoon, But you can call me Lightning!
Im a 14 year old furry with 5 years of being in the fandom!, Im in the sun that is mexico, haha. So english is not my first language, sorry if i constantly mispell stuff.

Im a lesbian Bigender, and im with a girlfriend I love very much. We are both big dumbasses ._.XD

♥ Sleeping late, Raccoons, Psychological Horror movies, Pride, Art, Roleplays

x Sleeping EARLY, Loud Horror movies, smelly dogs(and dogs in general, sorry.), Artist's (and writer's) block.



P.S: I figured myself out! Im a proud bigender now.

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    • I'll definitely check it out B)
      and thank you!

    • ooh, what movie? :o
      it's chill, any kind work ^^

    • Are you going to grant my wish or no? ^^;;

    • I've never played undertale lol, so you're ahead of me

    • fkbgflbn I completely missed your comment, my username is the same on AJ as here! I'm mostly playing Classic because that's what I played when I was younger, but I play PW sometimes too!

    • Hehe, yesyes my username is a reference to the genus Procyon which is the raccoons >:3

    • Hey, noticed you Animal Jam signature! I play it all the time for the memories, it was my favorite game when I was younger!

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