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User ID: #21037
Username: Rappy
Gender: Female
Last Online: 26 Dec 2019, 11:04 pm
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 8:22 am

Profile description

Unfortunately I'm still working on this profile so please excuse the mess.

- A little bit 'bout Rappy -
29 years of age//Female//Bi
Furaffinity: lRaptorl

You'll tend to find me on ARK... a lot. <3 freaking dinos, why else wouldn't I be on it. :D
When I'm not playing games, I'm either swimming or sleeping due to working third shift. Blah.
But it is fairly easy to get ahold of me.

I do have nerve damage in my lower spine so if you happen to see me in person and I just randomly stop for a few minutes, stumble or watching my steps (because sometimes I can't feel my feet or legs), it's most likely because I am having problems, but I'll come 'round and you won't really hear or see me complain 'bout it.


Main: Alieghna or Ali for short
A rather unique pale dromaeosaur. Blind at an early age, she spends most of her time reading brail and counting her steps.
She's quiet and a bit shy, even when she's with friends.

I'll define her a bit more after I finish my profile edits.

Second: Vexx:
A jeweled Hercules beetle. No one has actually seen her smile except for her partner, Ping.

I will add more later on.

At the moment I'm trying to get her approved through my shifty, but each time they say to contact them, I never get a reply... I'm probably going to redo her chest carapace piece and see if that helps, even though it's suppose to be straight black, they denied the original.
The pantie:
Painting of Vexx:

Third: Toren
A child of the White King Xenomorph. She's a bit quirky and can be extremely pushy. Loves to be 'round creatures other than her own kind, but ends up scaring them off just by her nature and her naturally creepy/toothy "smile."

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    • Aw hey thanks for the comment on Podgie! And I'd be lying if I didn't have that animaniacs godfather pigeon in mind for at least part of the design XD

    • You're welcome! :)

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