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Username: svengali
Gender: Male
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 9:44 am

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    • Omg you're great <3

    • hi lovely!

    • Eee, ty! ;u; yass, you buy like...all the art. :') haha glad to see you on FV as well! ^O^ hmu if you have questions or anything! <3

    • Tis MoonGoddess, who always stalks ur bish boys

    • I THINK I KNOW U U ART PERSON FROM FR! (if it's not u i'm gonna die of embarrassment OTL)

    • I'M SURE.

    • I see you talking about me!

    • I'M SCREAMING !!!!!

    • I want to entice her asap so recommendations are welcome any time! Anywhere I can find an appropriately priced artist with good examples would be awesome.

    • I'm going to see about bugging her about it when she gets off work tonight. She has a problem with how most of the bases look, but she mentioned that a skeletal deer wouldn't be so bad (we both agree their noses are a little too big) so I might see about commissioning someone to do a partial skeletal paintie for it.

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