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Username: Alone
Gender: Unspecified
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 10:47 pm

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feel free to add me! <3

I'm Alone on Aywas #30050 and
Allonne #130071 flight rising

I always want art for my OC's
Art refes:

Isi? ,
Miranda? the colors,
Suoh (Dragon)! Suoh (Dragon)!
Bella (Dragon)!, Bella 2! , Bella 3
Draco? / Draco 2 2 / Draco 3

You can play with expression/emotions or outfit, make they Kemonomimi or feral!!
Traditional or Digital, sketch or colored!!!
Feel free to play with my babies! I will LOVE any piece of art!

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    • Thank u so much u are very kind :3

    • Thank U so much for the pet uwu

    • Thank you very much for the seeds :)

    • yuup, the offer still stands. i'm sending you a trade, but if you'd like to buy anything else just say so. thanks a bunch :>

    • OH!! dont worry dude!! i didnt want anything in return-- i know that feeling of wanting cool minipets and im glad i could help!! :D

    • AA IM GLAD YOU LIKE THEM! and wdym you did something wrong??

    • Thanks c:

    • Thank you for trading!

    • Thank you ^^
      It took me 900+ battles to get them haha~
      PS. Sorry for the late respond, was busy IRL~

    • Thanks for the Gaiacat ;w;

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