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User ID: #22256
Username: Holone
Gender: Female
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 10:16 am

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On semi-hiatus. I take offers on items in my stall. I also take FR currency and possibly items.

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    • Send the FC any time.

    • Thank you for your purchase! I hope you enjoy your new pet ^_^

    • and recieved C: thank you so much ! :D I sent him back nwn

    • ahh thank you so much! O; 47800 please? c;

    • Hiya ! I was wondering if you were open to loaning your male spotted angelfish to me, so i can breed it with my female one? C:

    • thank you for buying from my stall~ <3

    • Thanks for buying! :D

    • Thank you for your patronage, it was greatly appreciated! Regularly check my stall for similar cheap prices! Hope you have a great day! :D

      P.S.: Would you like to join a Discord server just for Furvilla? Message me if you do! The more the merrier, so anyone's welcome!

    • Holy Moly! So many animals! Haha, awesome

      Anyway, I was wondering if you wanted to do a seed swap at all?

    • Thank you for buying my stuff! ヽ(๑╹□╹๑)ノ ♥

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