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User ID: #42846
Username: Cardinal
Gender: Genderfluid
Last Online: 10 Sep 2016, 7:35 pm
Registered: 4 Jul 2016, 6:51 am
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Hi! Thanks for stopping by! I am just a person full of hopes and dreams!

I really hope you have a nice day!

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    • Ah, no problem! I'll be sure to check your stall again, You have a great day as well!

    • Thanks! I believe im already in the discord, unless there's another one.

    • Thanks for providing and thank you for the offer, but I must decline as I don't use Discord enough to be considered "active". Have a good one!

    • I'm actually on a discord for furvilla already :>

    • Hello! You're very welcome! nvn I hope you have a great day too!

      I'm not sure what Discord is, actually! :0 is it like Skype or something?

    • It was my pleasure. ^^ And though the invite is appreciated, I'm fine on servers. Thank you though.

    • Thank you for visiting my shop! hope you got everything you need and to see you again soon

    • I'm already in one, but I don't see you in the list so is there another? :0

    • No problem, thanks for selling!! Have a great day as well~ You have some lovely villagers
      Ty for the offer but I'm too shy for that u_u

    • Thanks, I hope you have great day as well!
      As for Discord - hey, thanks for offer, but maybe later, when I return from my vacations! :D

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