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Italy | Flight Rising | Fire Emblem | Force of Will | FE0 Cipher | Dollfies
Furvilla Time +7

I am just a loaf of bread doing bread things. Don't mind me.

Flight Rising - TripleCritical
Twitter - @ilviastcp

[ ] Costume for Lexis?
[x] Master Carpenter (Lexis)
[ ] Master Herbalist (Himawari)
[ ] Master Warrior aka Top 10 Oceandome Warrior (Hinata)

U Male: Brown Seahorse, Brown Ray, Purple Octi, red Jelly
U Female: Striped Pearl, Red Jelly, Gold Trim Meshy
R Female: Black Jelly, Midnight Pearl

= Calle Village =

A village built at the south of the main Oceandome. The growing economy of the village relies on various kind activities, investing most of the income to build a safe environment for everyone. Lexis, founder of the village, acts as temporary leader.

Villagers 14

Comments 15

    • Thanks for your purchase! :D

    • Thanks!! Calne Ca has always been my favorite, aha.

    • Thank
      Your profile picture is precious as well 'w'

    • pickle boy....

    • im a sucker for charlotte blonde ignatius, not gonna lie q _ q between the hair colour, skin tone, fear of bugs and personality, ignatius is basically me
      omg,, im def marrying him to someone else in my current revelations playthrough though! i hecked up and missed out on charlotte and accidentally saved instead of restarting : ' ) arthur x felicia is suuuuuuuuch a fave of mine though ; _ ; as soon as I saw their C support I knew it was gonna be good!!! also, Saizo x Sakura is turning out to be not too bad right now? Plus Asugi with almost-right hair colour is a bonus

    • this conversation is honestly great * v * I couldn't resist purple haired Dwyer though and I was running out of options in that playthrough for Jakob (since he's kinda too douche-y to pair most of the time) so I just went through with it. Another of my favorites is FeliciaxArthur o u o They're both clumsy and Arthur tries to help her overcome it. It's kinda cute q _q CharlottexBenny was pretty cute too. Since she can easily be herself around him already, so there's no act to start

    • Some of them just get along too poorly in C-A support for me to want to really push them onto S support, unfortunately. Like Setsuna and Azama. I know Azama's an all-around sarcastic butt, but he's a little /too/ harsh with Setsuna for my liking q m q protect setsuna at all cost,,,, and Felicia and Takumi started out too iffy for me too, despite me really wanting Kiragi's hair her colour though (I'm still pushing through with it in one of my billion playthroughs though) and some of the conversations they just try too hard to make work. Like, the jump from A support to S support is too??? eh. Like Jakob and Camilla. The entire C-A support is all "/I/ like Kamui better!!!!" and then suddenly it's like "Let us bring our love for Kamui together and marry" jes us,,,, (/Still married them anyway because purple haired Dwyer is best Dwyer)

    • OH MAN Hana!Kana sounds so GOOD,,,,,,,, ; _ ; I personally reaaaaally like Hana!Caeldori. q m q And yea, I find certain units are really hard to marry off sometimes, either because of hair color or because of how bad they clash. :s Takumi's always a challenge to pair off. Some of them just have such strong personalities--or a particular trait in their personality that's just SO strong and that is mentioned nearly every support. (i.e Ignatius' fear of bugs, Subaki's perfectionism, Laslow's flirting, etc)

    • Yeah! I actually got inspired to start a new Birthright playthrough because of this talk :P where I'm for sure marrying Takumi to Felicia for that gorgeous hair for Kiragi * v * I also find Hana's hair color works for almost any kid.

    • More FE fans. Yay ;u;

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