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User ID: #28120
Username: Badge
Gender: Male
Last Online: 6 Jun 2021, 10:28 pm
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 4:51 pm

Profile description

I DO NOT do Painty commissions, but I sometimes offer them in auctions in the forums. I am on this site occasionally just to disappear again for months.

I am badge!
I am a pretty old dude. I am a web dev irl, who codes boring stuff for boring big companies. Sometimes I draw, too! Wow!

I am mostly just here to chill, but sometimes I auction of painties, art or vistas.

Villager Plans

- Voodoo Velicoraptor OR dog?
- broken angel lion
-90s toys dog

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Comments 14

    • Your painties are amazing c:

    • GLOMPS the world needs more cool people like you tbh C: ♥
      YUSH tbh I want to start making free paintie add-ons too because it seems so nice esp. because a lot of people have trouble with the grayscale base leTS HELP THEM YAS ♥♥♥♥
      oh mYGOD I WILL EXPLODE IF I DRINK ANY MORE COFFEE literally burry me with my energy drinks XD

    • aaaAAAHH FASH SQUISHES ARE THE BEST ♥♥ And of course!! ;v; It's so nice of you to make free use paintie add-ons for Furvilla you are an angel?? also jsyk i am a caffeine addict too ayyyy

    • I love your painties so much and your tumblr!! ;v; You seem really rad! ♥

    • aw my gosh tysm for providing wings!! theyre absolutely beautiful too aaaa

    • what did you do m8

    • free to use wings:

      go here:



    • smooches ur page


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