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    • I don't read many books in general ;n; I'm super picky, and I only read about niche topics. Usually fact books or such. So picky with fiction that it hurts; I'd rather pull up ao3. xd

      I'm glad to hear about how things are going for you as well! I virtually never do homework at home either; hell, hardly at school even. We almost never have assignments to turn in.

    • First one's called into the wild o: it was excitable. Not sure which book my fav is.. I should def re-read all of it! ovo been a few years now.. 4 ish

      New school's going great o: things are more calm now and less chaotic.. Starting to feel more at ease. I have a meeting set up though so they can regulate my workload. (Is easily stressed out and lacks motivation. Tends to get distracted, too.) How's school for you? ovo

    • Yes!! It's a great vid
      I have like 8 warrior cats book at home @@ 7 read, 1 unread.. I hate that there's a gap with several books between the main storyline. Confuses me like hell.

      Ahh ono really sorry to hear about your nightmare.. They are the worst. However, you will have more plays in the future! ;v; might not be much of comfort to hear, but yeah.

    • Yeah xD There are so many movies that I can't stay focused.. Same goes for Harry Potter. I wanna watch em, but there's just too many films and such that it confuses my little brain. Actually, I just remembered this video and now I'm crying

      I'm so sorry to hear about that ;_; Literally no one deserves to go through that.. It's 2017 and people still can't get over the gender thing. What a jerk. You deserve to be respected, and so does your friend. ;n; We've had a bit of that complex over here too in theater plays, but there are times where roles and genders overlap which is pretty neat. We tend to be short on males that want to act and sing, so some girls have stepped in.

      I kind of miss being involved with theater plays now ;v; It was so fun! I can't really contribute I think, so yeah..I'll stick to what I normally do. I'd love to hear about your shenanigans, though!

    • I haven't watched any movies myself, just a few minutes and scenes of some of them. Poor thing, though.. I remember parts of his backstory. Glad I said no, though. I don't think the scene is for me.
      Sounds pretty shitty TT I'm sorry to hear about people doing that to others.. It's a really shitty thing to do. I think our plays are actually funded by the previous plays that have been made for years since people pay to come see it when it's not for school only.

      Sounds really cozy, though! Backstage is definitely a hella cool place. Less stressing for shows. We just did our parts, sat back and relaxed when we were done. The bench incident could happen to just about anyone, though. I'm sure everyone forgot. o:

    • Mm o: I was actually offered the role of Gollum in our play since I could improve his voice perfectly XD I'm also very flexible and move smoothly. I thanked no though, since I tend to forget lines.. Also, later, I realized that thanking 'no' saved my life from humiliation. The costume turned out to be hideous. Makeup was more relaxing; all we had to do was to put makeup on people and listen to music. We did nothing else.. Well, we also chilled backstage on the couch, playing games and stuff. Similarly happened during the Queen musical; My friends and I just lounged on the couch by the entrance, chatting.

      It really means a lot to me! <3 I'm always here for you too if needed. ;v; Haven't considered meds yet since DBT is very ideal right now, but who knows! ovo
      Oh, do let me know, please! nvn

    • Mhm! It was amazing. I worked on the poster, advertising, social media and such. Backstage is the backbone itself of the show! Without backstage work, there'd be no musical. Even if you're not on the scene, you're doing great!~ I wasn't that experienced with make up either, but I made designs for the fairies in the hobbit play. You don't have to show me if you don't want to. o: Don't wanna force you or anything.

      Yeah ;v; Learned that I also have PTSD which is really weird.. Never suspected that I'd have it myself, so it was quite the surprise discovering it. And ooh! If you get a 2ds and animal crossing, we could play together!~ I'm working on my town to make it really pretty, then invite friends!

    • We did one play in grade 4, and one in grade 4 I think. o: I don't remember.. But 2 years ago in middle school, we did Queen. (..Or was it last year? My memory is failing.. I think it was 2 years ago)

      Aww ;o; I never worked on the scene myself, rather I've been working with media/effects/make up. o: Those were fun times.. I kind of miss it, really. Everyone were so happy and supportive of each other, even if we normally never went along in school. Steel Magnolias sounds really cool, though!

      Mm ;o; Been talking with a sort of specialist nurse.. I might be getting treatment soon, and I'm glad ;v; I also got hooked on animal crossing new leaf again <_> derp. Sorry for the late reply, by the way! ;v; I was sleeping. It feels nice to talk to you again, though! I missed you. o:

    • Oh my, I'm so so happy for you! <3 You really deserved this. I'm glad that things have been going smoothly for you. ;v; I've been wondering how you've been doing, but I'm really glad to hear that things are all good for you. Four shows per year sounds kinda hectic! o: Our schools have had a few plays too; we've had 3 plays in my school time, 2 in elementary school and 1 in middle school. What kinda plays have you had? ovo

      Things have been going okay on my behalf. I occasionally have my mood swings, but otherwise been alright ;v; math classes are stressing me out, but I feel loved and have friends. It was good to hear from you again ;o;

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