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User ID: #30273
Username: Rai_Shiba
Gender: Male
Last Online: 4 Sep 2017, 6:15 pm
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 8:14 pm

Profile description

22 years old | He/Him/His | AB blood type | Cancer | ISFJ
I am a nursing student currently living in the Pacific Northwest.
I love to draw and I'm always down for art trades. Just send me a PM.
Also, I'm a filthy weeb. ;)


Favorite Anime/Manga

+Tokyo Ghoul
+One Punch
+All the classics (FMA, naruto, death note, etc.)

Favorite Music
+Asian Kung-Fu Generation
+Led Zeppelin
+Pink Floyd
+Cab Calloway

Favorite Cartoons
+Steven Universe
+Adventure Time
+Over the Garden Wall


Also contact me by


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    • Thank you so much! Same to you!!

    • My god, you're right

    • thank you, she is a grumpus

    • Same to you. ^_^~

    • So pretty painties! Also your userpage is very nice, great job (/' v')/

    • Of course! :D You seem interesting, so I thought.. "We must be friends.. It needs to be a thing." xD

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