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Username: DeseretBlossom
Gender: Female
Last Online: 12 May 2021, 8:48 pm
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 12:14 am

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I've been in Olde Foxbury since joining during beta but I will be setting off on an adventure to see the world!! As soon as we have enjoyed the Jousting Tournament I'm off to Tigereye Peak first, then...
- Oceandome
- Dragonsmaw Manor
- Quetzal Palace

If none of them tickle my fancy during my stay I will head on back to these good ole medieval times

August 2018
With the introduction of Bird Blooms Slavator’s desperation for Iceberry Seeds drug the entire village back to Tigereye Peak for a quick visit, we’ll be back to the sunshine, flowers and ye olde times as soon as he’s stocked up!

Since we were all so high up in the peaks we snagged a ride on the great serpent as he flew close enough for a well timed jump. Again, in pursuit of seeds everyone followed Salvator, but honestly Poppy was so terribly excited about the new kitties that she happily dragged along the rest of the gang. Feeling a little homesick, but we must journey through a few more villages on the way

The view from the Serpent’s back during the Harvest Fetival was splendid. Though, Bryan leaned too far thinking he saw something shiny in the water and slipped right off the end of his tail. We all dove after trying to save him, our failed attempt landed us in Oceandome where we are enjoying the scenery and gathering seeds for Salvator’s collection.


2019 was spent in Queztal Palace lazily searching for seeds to make breeding potions, the changes made in Poppy’s career allows the whole clan to return home where they have longed to be ever since leaving on the grand adventure.

Home again!!

May 2020
We have all been noticing the disturbingly low levels of Dragonsmaw materials, everyone has been dreading this day but we can no longer avoid it. Poppy desperately wants the bizarre bushy pets, Karg can no longer brew special plant drinks, Salvator has been complaining about his seeds stores running out and because of that Emilie can no longer mix up salads. The village council discussed and agreed we need to make a trip back to the strange and dark land to restock on much needed supplies but will be returning to our comfy homes just as soon as possible. Everyone packs up the necessary belongings and huddles together for the journey ahead.

Villagers 34

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    • -stuffs everything into Storage- It should be good now!

    • I'm so happy for you, and glad I help :)

    • ~ hugs alot ~ for all the challenges! Definitely was a worthy opponent

    • Gonna get my explores and PvE battles done now, thanks so much again for the battles! ^-^

    • Lol that one was very close aswell!! :P

    • Thank you for the battles again <3

    • Aww thank you!! ^-^ Congrats on getting your own one to drop! <3

    • Yeah i think we all start out fighting dream 8P I sure did and i lost every fight! But stick with it once you have more items to play with you can switch builds around and make it work. I stick with mine pretty faithfully mostly because i dont have much else that works haha.

    • Thanks for hee purchase :)

    • No I don't mind at all lol! ^-^

      I'm gonna get back to PvE for a while now, thanks for the battles! Idk if you know already but there's a thread in Furvilla Discussion called "Anyone want a duel?", if you want to battle and post there, more people might hopefully join the queue <3

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