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Username: galleyphro
Gender: Female
Last Online: 28 Jun 2019, 10:36 am
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 3:59 am

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Hey there, thanks for visiting my page! Please call me Galley. Here's a little bit about myself;

Interests: Fashion, computer games, fantasy novels, astronomy, space travel and extra terrestrials!
Hobbies: Sewing and designing plushies, tarot reading, stargazing

Ah, let's see, what else is there you might want to know? Well, I work in the healthcare profession - I really enjoy that because I like being able to help people. When I'm not at work (which feels like all the time!) you can either find me working on a sewing project or browsing G+!

Please don't be shy about messaging me, I'm pretty chill and am always open to making new friends!




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    • !! nice !!
      I've heard great things abt one punch man !! I'll probs start it soon !! I've also heard some p nice things abt Haikyuu but im not sure if I'll like it ?? But I've never seen a sports anime so I may give it a try!! Mm also wants Servamp ,, if I may ask ??

      Ooo tht sounds nice !! I usually draw while doing stuff but tht sounds rlly nice ,,

    • Mm nice !! And aaa thanks !! //also you should watch it ,, it's so gooD aslo season two is coming out soon !! Mm also ,, do you know any rad series/things ??

      ((Also on an unrelated note .,sewing and stuff is p rad omg !! One day ,, I rlly wanna learn to sew tbh

    • Thanks. Have a good day/night.

    • Ah!! Hello !! And I'm doing p good !! How've you been ??

    • Oh my goodness that was typo riddled. Sorry xD

    • I've been to very few conventions and lacked the means to go to them mainly, which is why it took me so long to get into it now. I've bought most of my stuff up to this point, but I'd like to sew my own things if I can manage.

      And nope, I plan to go full out. Already have the lab coat, dress, wig and a prosthetic muzzle piece. I sitll need to decide on the paint, get liquid latex, spirit glue and figure out how ot do her feet, tial and head spikes. xD

    • I do, or at least i'm trying to get into it more. Right now i'm working on cosplaying Alphys from Undertale.

    • Gah I know the feeling. All the villagers I would like to possibly get will all require painties and I currently on have enough to get one made >~<

    • Your coding ended up being adorable~ Adore the simplicity and choice of colors ♥

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