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User ID: #36145
Username: RebsRanger
Gender: Agender
Last Online: 15 Sep 2016, 7:58 am
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 12:13 pm
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    • No problem! And thanks for the tip, you didn't have to
      Sorry I wasn't able to reply right away though. I was really busy lately

    • Ahh, I understand, no worries! I've been there a while, and I still don't know how their new things work sometimes :P Either one is fine, but I check the main more often!

    • Hey, sorry, Furvilla went down last night before I could reply, then I had to go to bed D:!! I tried to find you on tumblr, but I didn't get any results! Could you send me a message? My main is awkwardcatthingofquotev, and I have a separate blog just for rp with Linkin (though the theme needs a lot of work) at linkinvorion

    • Ahhh, I haven't rped on tumblr in a while, but I think that'd be better, sorry! ^^" I've never used Google for rp.

    • Alright! Is there anywhere you'd prefer?

    • (sORRY I took so long to reply omg) Alright! Either one works, honestly; whatever you want! Honestly, I don't think Linkin's human version would fit FV and definitely need to water him down (he likes to insult people and be really mean because he's terrible).
      Ahh, I see what you mean, heheh.eue

    • i wasnt too sure how to thank u for the Bean w/o interrupting the flow of the thread but!!! thank you for drawing gold as a bean!! theyre so Small i love them 10/10

    • Ah, I was unaware of that fact prior to making him.

    • I... just edited them like that. If you're curious, I used the eyes from the Wolf base.

    • Ahh, alright, I understand; but thank you!! And WOW Iggy's even cuter than I thought. Your art is wonderful, aaah! ;o; And, thank you!! I haven't used him in many for a while, so I might need to brush up a bit on how to write him, but that'd be awesome! :D Just let me know if/when you do ^u^"

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