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User ID: #36157
Username: Glisser
Gender: Female
Last Online: 12 Aug 2017, 5:05 pm
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 12:14 pm

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Gryffs: Mad Lapine (#900)
Elsewhere: Ask, but you may not always receive.

Bubs, bubby, bubbies - Term of endearment; replacement for call-outs such as "Dude" or "guys." It's a Vibe Tribe thing. (See Vibe & Direct.)

On Pronouns: I will respect your pronouns, if you give them/you identify as the gender on your profile. however, I am extremely uncomfortable with even the idea of calling a living, breathing, fully sentient being an "it."

You are not a plate, a glass, a plant, a pillow, a watch, etc. You are not an object. Calling a person "it" feels, to me, like I am treating/referring to them as an object. It comes off, to me personally, as if I am being disrespectful to you (even if you don't mind being referred to as such).

So again, if you give me pronouns to use, I will use them...but know that I feel fundamentally wrong and completely disrespectful when referring to the person behind the screen as if they are an inanimate object. (If you let me slide by with they/them/their, I will be immensely more comfortable, as it still feels as if I'm referring to a living being, rather than, say...a salt shaker.)

A Note About My Stall

My medicine prices adjust according to their effectiveness and the time that it takes to make them.

For those who have no villagers in the medical field, the price of and time spent making the medicines are as follows:

Anti-Plague Potion: 250 FC, 90 minutes
Gold Medicine: 100 FC, 30 minutes
Cooling Salve: 100 FC, 30 minutes
Leech Blood: 100 FC, 30 minutes
Soothing Lotion: 100 FC, 30 minutes

That said, 75-100% effective medicines WILL better reflect the price of their creation (from seed collecting, to growing, to actual creation) and packaging. This takes into account the amount of time ultimately spent making a product, from seed to medicine.

Imports reflect the cost of all materials as well.

Villagers 16

Comments 7

    • Ahhh- xD Well iv been selling off a lot of extras and there bought up pretty fast. So im glad there are finding homes. :D

    • Im a little confused actually what you meant-? xD I dont recall sending out any pets recently other then the undomesticated pets trade thread.

    • Flattery! Oh, Sweetie! I wanna have yo babies. Smooch!

      An I dunno whut voidrabbit (b'low) meens by "bond your boybuns" but the imagination … soars.

    • thank you so much for your comment on teddy! <3 there are ways to bond your boybuns, but it's much easier if they're fixed :0 if you wanna message me i can tell you more ~

    • No problem!

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