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Username: starhund
Gender: dog breath
Last Online: 21 Sep 2017, 7:00 pm
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 4:08 pm

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★★ -I like big mutts and I cannot lie- ★★
Beeejaay | 28 | lady | ISFJ |
I'm an old fun-sucker that is obsessed with my job and never leaves my house unless im hiking or drinking.

myself c: doges, herps, adult things, stuff
everything else >:) lol no not really... or maybe

Please feel free to message me, I quite enjoy chatting and have Skype available.
updates coming later
waiting on commissions here

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    • I completely missed your comment since I've been super busy woops, but thank you (what...two months later eh) XD

    • a starfriend!!!

    • Yup that's one of my babies c: I got really lucky with her. She's very smart and oddly laidback; not bothered by much though she doesn't like it when I'm slow letting her out lmao

      I'd really like to come home with one of those cute lil succulents but I have such a horrible track record of killing plants :^;

    • I CAN'T HELP MYSELF ahahaha. I just, love the atmosphere of those stores in general. I'd call it a favorite aesthetic honestly, even if I'm not getting things for myself I'm always excited to be there and smell the wood, say hi to the plants... luv those tiny plants

    • Alrighty! Sounds good.

    • Probably about... three days? Can you wait that long?

    • Pirate! Though I still have quite a while before I can make your spooky costume. Is that alright?

    • Oh Gosh!! Thank you so much, I'm still kind of new to pricing them, I just posted an art shop here. Though to be honest they are a lil pricey atm since I'm used to regular art prices ( I'm a professional illustrator ). but once I get a good workflow going I'll be able to gauge the prices properly :')
      Also the css thing sounds good!! I will totally be up for it once I figure out furvilla's css a lil better! :>

    • Thank you for the comment, putting a picture of my leo in the bio is such a good idea, I can't believe I didn't think of it haha!! Can't imagine owning five little geckos tbh, as I only have the one, what a party that must be!

    • Ohthanks ^^

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