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User ID: #41146
Username: Tailbone
Gender: Agender
Last Online: 3 Jun 2020, 4:07 pm
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 11:04 pm

Villagers 10

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    • Ah, that makes sense, sorry I didn't explain myself. Basically I saw you post something on the forums to the effect of, "People have blocked me for speaking my mind ON MY OWN PROFILE PAGE" so I came over to take a peek... Only to have no idea what was so offensive :x But while I was here I saw you wanted various weapon parts, which I don't really have spares of... BUT I HAVE TOO MANY SPEARS AND STABBING PEOPLE IS FUN 8D

    • If I start poking you with the pointy end of it, will you take the spear?

    • Your icon is cool and simple!

    • Well, he's way too amazing to just glance over. I fell into reading the bio greedily. The coding and set up is done so well I remembered why I loved RPR so much! I'll probably have to stalk your other ones when I'm not running out of time, ahaha.

    • Just wanted to say hi to a RPR user and that Maxie's profile and all thoughts put into him are amazing and I bow to you.

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