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Username: maelifica
Gender: Female
Registered: 4 Jul 2016, 11:26 am

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    • Thanks for the steel! I'm always repairing weapons so it's super useful. ;w; <3

    • Hi there, nice to meet you X)

    • Thanks for stables! I think I'm ok for right now for the animals. X3

    • I'll be needing some stalls for the animals when you get the chance too!

    • No worries! Yeah me too, right now I have a lot of animals that needs to be bred. The current animals I have are all in my menagerie. Breeding pairs I'm using are in Pyro's and Ray's stalls. :3

    • Update: I have a female Purple Drax and a Male Blue Drax I'm breeding. Hopefully I get lucky and get a Purple/Blue Drax to give to you! If not, I'll keep trying with the breeding or I'll buy one of them if I see anyone selling them within my price range.

    • Thanks a bunch again! X3

    • Awesome sauce, sounds good. Take your time. X3

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