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User ID: #44895
Username: tiger_blue
Gender: Human Trash Fire
Last Online: 10 Mar 2020, 1:00 pm
Registered: 4 Jul 2016, 1:09 pm

Profile description

Hello! im tiger_blue! Currently saving up 500 FD for a username change because that is my old username and just ew. Anyways, please call me Kiffell, as that is my new username, or call me tiger idc. Im a complete meme. I do cheap commissions and painties, my shops are down below!

kiffell/kiff--female--she/her pronouns--panromantic asexual
Art Trades/Commissions? Always open!!
Used to be Tigerblue!
By HowlingToTheStars On ChickenSmoothie


Villagers 13

Comments 12

    • transfer, trades suck

    • Danny my kat?

    • I got the Kat send a trade over when your ready

    • For shilo?
      y e s

    • that and i love the id

    • ftttt nah.... yes yes thats exactly why.

    • No sadly not try reselling them. Houses are not that much worthy now

    • You can have Sammy if you want just not Element

    • I mean, i'll literally give you one or both of my shifties for shilo.

    • //shrugs// felt like it, suppose xD

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