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Username: AthenatheWitch
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Last Online: 26 Feb 2019, 3:33 pm
Registered: 4 Jul 2016, 3:05 pm

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Hi, my name's Alice, though some might call me Athena or Witchy! I have a boyfriend who I'd been with as a mere friend for 6-7 years beforehand.
I live in the states, on the east coast.
I LOVE to draw and have only been drawing for 4 years <3
My main focus for drawing would be ponies, though I've been branching out to furries and humans as of late!
My favorite part of the art tends to be the signature, as it's the part that tells the most about a person, though I still LOVE the art itself.
If you ever wanna draw any of my characters, do NOT be afraid to do so, but I won't say you have to, because you really don't!

As for a bit more, I'm a heterosexual female who doesn't care about sexuality, race, or whatever else might seem odd to some people, so long as you aren't a jerk to me or my friends!

I'm mostly rather laid back and easy going about things, however, I am very panicky when it comes to getting spoken to a certain way, so please be gentle with me if you ever have bad news or anything.

All I ask is that you not try to mistake my kindness for weakness, as I do have my limits in patience.

I hope you all have a good day/evening/goodnight.

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    • Its all right friend. Thank you for apologizing.

    • Oh no its just you said the wish for a fish in a dish was a sad wish. How is it a sad wish?

    • I dont see how it is sad, oh well thats what i get for quoting Dr. Seuss.

      I love salmon.

    • dude your movie lineup is white-ok-hand-sign.pngwhite-ok-hand-sign.pngwhite-ok-hand-sign.png

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