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User ID: #46473
Username: FluffyTalons
Gender: Third Gender
Last Online: 17 Mar 2020, 4:28 pm
Registered: 4 Jul 2016, 4:58 pm

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i'm just a weirdo who likes fluffy things

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    • Alright, I can do that!

    • Alright, thank you for being willing to wait. It's always nice to not be rushed. ;v; But I do still want to get it to you as soon as I can, as I'm sure you're wanting to see it as soon as it is done! I know I'd be pretty excited to see what someone has made for me.
      Question, is there a preference in anything else other than Wickerbeast and Candy Gore/Crystals? Do you want any clothing on it, any added hair, or anything else?

    • Alright cool! I will get to work on it asap!
      I'll make sure to keep you updated on it as well if anything unexpected comes up!
      I know for sure though that tomorrow is a busy day for me, so I won't work on it as much then.

    • Oh I just saw that you said or both. I could try to do a mix of crystals and candy gore if you'd like!

    • Alright, cool! I can try to do a Candy Gore Wickerbeast, but it would be softcore stuff, cause I don't feel comfortable with real heavy gorey stuff, that and I can't draw insides and such very well. But I could try. I'll try to make it and I'll show you when I have the base done, and if you don't like it I can either go more softcore or do the crystal version.

    • What kind of Paintie? Also, request? As in free, or a commission?

    • I'm still waiting for there to be other bids on it tbh :v

    • It's not silent if you tell me you're doing the thing, dude.


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