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User ID: #470
Username: Chara
Gender: Male
Last Online: 5 Jul 2020, 1:31 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:01 pm

Profile description

Leo/Dream | Trans guy (he/him) | Pan-Ace | Otherkin | ISFP } 20

icon art by Yatsunote on dA; flag by wuvsbian on tumblr

for my reference:
no payments to make!

my name's leo and i have so many ocs! i love attention pls don't be nervous to talk to me !! also feel free to @ me in anything. i am also an angry, bitter person but dont let that stop you from talking to me

ask me for a list of my kintypes via pm

please feel free to send me anything as a gift ! and feel free to ping / @ me anytime !

- possibly make profile and villager profiles look fancier
- get Kin Villagers (houses + lots of money) {all of the kintypes will probably need painties so theregoes like there goes 7+ bucks and maybe more because i most likely would need to commission people}



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    • I am not a UT character :O

    • im a rebel

    • OwO end my existence

    • hey, ,,w,hy

    • yes indeed, i have no body to talk to, how are u friend

    • omg

    • every thread i make is just l o c k e d

    • totally the best squad

    • Hello there ouo

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