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User ID: #4766
Username: Oreocat2572
Gender: Female
Last Online: 19 Nov 2020, 11:26 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 1:48 pm

Profile description

Hi! Im Oreocat2572! I play transformice and howrse so if you want to add me you can! I sell medical stuff in my stalls.My villager Titi repairs stuff for 10 fc/fd. I try to make stuff cheap!
~Love Oreocat2572

Oreo's to do list =~-~=
•Get FIVE =~-~= shifty potions
•Get five paintie tickets or 250 fd
•Update The Cool Cat Club
•Get Rosie's paintie resized (done)
•Get more stuff to stock up shop well
•Get more cat plushies

How many times I go mentioned and by who in the "Share the love: activity thread" thing (these guys are awesome! Check them out!)
1. Ninenko 2.Watersnake 3. Kitsune_Galaxy
[email protected]

Painties for villagers
X = don't have a paintie for them
# = have a paintie but no ticket/fd
* = in queue
• = uploaded and has paintie
- = have the paintie, but no villager
? = no villager or paintie
Oreo x
Shadow x
Soccerman x
Pawesome x
Susie x
Johnson x
Rosie •
Rosy x
Scientist daughter x
Instrument -
Pega -
Fishy -
??? ?
Chirpy ?

Villagers 10

Comments 466

    • its great to have a friend who likes similar things. also do you mean your villagers or actual cats?

    • i am doing pretty good. by the way i have a tuxedo cat named Oreo he is a tiny jerk but i still love him. i am obsessed with bats and dragons.

    • It's a mafia game, so it's natural that it looks similar to ToS ^^ It works kind of like it as well. You're free to join if you'd like~

    • Tux has been updated!

    • *crawling from the sewers like a spider*

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