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User ID: #48190
Username: jennawing
Gender: Dragon
Registered: 4 Jul 2016, 9:38 pm

Villagers 17

Comments 149

    • jenn <3

    • god your painties are so beautiful ;o;

    • that would be great thank you! :D

    • jennawing aahh the digital cheebs.

      Such good pricing.

      Aaa. Aaaaa. Do you think you could tell me if they ever open again? X'D I adore your cheebs their so perfect!

    • Ah thanks! Btw may I ask how much are comissions? I saw their closed on instagram but like. To save up for the future c:

    • Psstt. May I ask whats your artfight account? I'd like to attack ;0;

    • Hahaha I'm a rebelious bby >:3 (your welcome enjoy)

    • thank you~~~

      and sorry I can't save you from yourself... but I can give you some stables once I make a bunch ^^ if that is what you want

    • *floops down* hewwo guild member~ i noticed you bought some of my stalls >u>

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