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User ID: #29267
Username: Lawlipop
Gender: Female
Last Online: 31 Jul 2018, 11:16 am
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 6:35 pm

Profile description

Hello random people! Welcome to my profile, thank you for stopping by!

I am a person who keeps her prices low and affordable. Check by my stall to check on what I have. I usually sell wood, seed and other raw materials

I do possess some super rare items like King Gemstones, Chainmail Links, Claw Beet Seeds, etc, but I never put them up in my stall. PM me if you are interested in buying some. Be sure to name your price beforehand as well

I am looking for someone who would to trade some FurDOLLARS for FurCASH in exchange.

-Trying to get 100% potency medicine with Daichi
-Collecting seeds and other material
-Taming animals in hopes of breeding some eventually
-Working up Jaxon's skill in construction

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    • hoi!

      sorry for not responding when you posted on my profile (at least i don't think i did :c), i made my account and never used it until recently X3

    • ...remember WCO? heh. what a ride.

    • Hey, lawli.

    • Ahhh thank you! (Didn't realize I never replied heh;;;)

      I'm hoping I have good luck too, but so far that hasn't been the case with other animals. :'D maybe these will be the lucky ones haha.

    • Ah, yeah, I would ; v ; Sorry for taking so long to reply x-x Hopefully it's not too late ;n; But I appreciate it either way!

    • Thank you for the brown bun! It's actually my first little familiar I've ever gotten, and I'll take good care of it!

    • Ahh ok, then that's a good reason to stay haha
      Taking classes you don't like is the worst, especially if it's too late to drop/switch

      Oh really?? Is that like a whole 'nother school where they stick the trouble-makers and potential drop-outs?

    • ah yeah, I never took any of those XD I was like 'the fuck is the point that's too much work' #lazyashell

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