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User ID: #35546
Username: sanny
Gender: Female
Last Online: 31 Jul 2019, 2:00 am
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 10:47 am

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I make adopts and art and stuff, if you wanna check them out.


Also, my profile is a WIP.

Ahhh, hey.. ;;;

I'm not really all that interesting tbh :'D

But the main things about me are:

- NAME: Sanny (Yes, it's a nickname, and not at all like my real name, but that's the point, actually eue It's also not based off of a fictional character or anything like that.)
- AGE: 26
- BIRTHDAY: May 12th
- LIKES: Plants, moths, deer, bats, pastel goth, witchy things, crystals, tarot cards, vidya games, the fall/winter, and anime (mostly older stuff tho). I also love Disney movies and I'm currently in love with Zootopia. I love animals and I dream of having lots of pets, starting with rats!
- DISLIKES: Heat (I hate sweating, and my hair/skin freak out x-x), people who are prejudiced/judgemental in general, parties, big groups of people, etc.
- VEGETARIAN: For about 9 years now. I also haven't had soda in over 10. (a little irrelevant, I guess, but I'm proud of myself)
- CHILDREN: I have 2 at the moment. One is my special girl who has seizures, but she's doing great! Her name is Clawdia. The other is a beautiful cat named Vitalia, who's old and grumpy, but fabulous.
- TEAM: Instinct :'D
-XBOX LIVE: ChisioChan
- 3DS FRIENDCODE: 3840-6729-8004 (let me know if you add me so I can do the same. I can also give you a list of games I have)
- POKEMON X/Y SAFARI: Fighting (Pancham, meditite, and hariyama)
- I have anxiety and depression, so I can sometimes be quiet for long periods of time. If so, please don't take it personally!
- I'm not heavily into the furry community! I just like animals tbh.


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    • I didn't change their default names when I picked them up. :'D Picking names is hard.

    • The problem on my side is the browser I use can't handletoo much, or I think it is. It almost always crashes when I use my herbalist. :< You know I aint asking for anything unless I can pay. |D

    • Just browsing on the site a bit cause I don't feel like sleeping.
      It keeps crashing on my phone though. D;

    • Oh you, stop it. eue
      The site is pretty nice!Thanks for showing it to me :D

    • Just wanted to let you know you hadnt sent the cyclops kitty yet in case you forgot <3

    • Thank you so much!!

    • Ah that was a placeholder bio when I picked up the wandering villager, I've changed it now :3

    • Thank you for the deviantart link! I guess BBC code doesn't really work on these comments. :c And no worries, it wouldn't have been weird if you had pinged me later. We're all on at different times! ^^

    • aa thank you for the comment!
      barneby was a goofball getting into places he wasn't supposed to
      I miss him ;o;

    • aaa thank you ÂșuÂș) <3

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