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Username: Jijinka
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Last Online: 9 Oct 2019, 1:17 pm
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    • Im not a breeder, but I try to do my best to keep them happy, so I give them a lot of space. I got the biggest cage I could afford, with several perches and toys. They're all kinda sassy, especially Nipp, who'll interrupt the other two when they want to talk/sing.They dont know any words, but I've taught them a short tune.

    • I actually own three budgies! I was hoping more for doves/pigeons, but that's the only thing we could find in our area. I originally had gotten two, but my mom impulse bought another from a local pet store branch. They all have confusing names, (Tripp, Pipp, Nipp) but they're all good girls

    • (slides in, like a wry owl on stilts, sniffling out discount millet at my local pet store branch) TALK BIRDIE TO ME
      Also mind if I shoot a friend request your way?

    • Im actually a bit spooked of discord, but i've still been wanting to try it out. Doesnt it have audio chat? I'd probably piss everyone off because my birds are screaming constantly.

    • I've been having some very serious art block.. I consider serious art to be like, a full-colored drawing, doesnt have to be shaded, just flat colors. Also, I've been having to sleep every friday, cause I have drum practice on saturdays. It's kinda hard to play right when you're half asleep.

    • Im closer to heck with the vents. Also I havent drawn any serious art in a while so i dunno if thats bad or not..

    • Aw! Thank you, Im actually kinda been feeling down about my art.. That comment made me feel a lot better! Also.. I kinda imagined myself always living in an apartment near an oceanic vent, so, vent buddies? Or casual passerby buddies? You decide! Maybe.. I dunno.

    • Hihi! (;▽;)ノ
      I actually saw you on pawnn's page, and saw you were also beta, and I guess I liked your username too?? ahuhuh ... >w>; *shuffles awkwardly* I hope you don't mind the random request aaa !! ;w;

    • Thanks for the purchases.

    • Hai (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

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