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Username: annecahi
Registered: 5 Jul 2016, 8:09 am

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Way back I used to go by the username hobicahi btw!

Hi I'm Iggy, I like drawing, listening to asian pop music, playing sky: cotl and genshin atm, and making sonas. Nice to meet yall!

I'm not active on this site anymore or really any other social medias. And I am also not really drawing at the moment due to laptop and wrist problems sorry _(:,,3」∠)_.

My apologies if I take a while to reply to you or don't reply to you at all. I'm just not a talker so it's hard for me to respond to things (so don't take it personally).
I do not accept random friend requests, especially if we have never spoken before.

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Waiting on
- Fiskie - oc thread

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    • Thanks for all the pumpkins, I'm still getting the hang of the event

    • Oh, lol! I get you now! *wink wink* I do like the monster of the rap.

    • "Egg boi"? You mean pickle man? 0_0

    • aw thank you for the gifts!!! :')

    • Yeah sure I don't mind! I'm glad you like it :p

    • You are very welcome! I had so many of those from the Snow Festival, lol.

    • 3000 is quite a lot to ask for.
      No need to be sorry btw.

    • Tysm!!

    • aAAhsfh, I'm glad ;w; <333

    • Thank you so much for the stuff! (*´꒳`*)

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