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User ID: #57687
Username: Spookly
Gender: Female
Last Online: 19 Oct 2020, 9:09 am
Registered: 6 Jul 2016, 10:26 am

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    • There's no telling. It would probably take about 200 turns to see a win out of either of us. XD
      I don't want to hurt your Elo score by boring you until you flee and I don't want to hurt my Elo score by fleeing every time I see you.

    • Oh my god, I wish there was a draw feature. XD
      That way, any time healer/regen builds meet each other we can just bow out as equals instead of hoping the other flees. :P

    • Holy damn and thank you! (=

    • Wow thanks (= you have a good build too also the first time i fight you, i knew you'd heal xD and holy damn, sounds interesting now im in need of it xD now i need to figure out how to get one also im doing my best to get all items from shop as possible like each pair of minipets and each one of the items there.

    • I did flee! Maybe the part of the site that broke when we exceeded the turn counter also broke the fleeing mechanism? Strange are the ways of the warrior career coding.

    • can't believe we broke the site

    • A deal! Want to wait till we get to turn 100 just so I can get a screencap?

    • Never give up! its always worth keeping at it. There are counters to every build 8P! Great duel!

    • Not gonna lie. I was cackling a lot too. I was saying to myself "if we get to turn 100, I may just flee. This is going to take a while." XD

    • Lol no problem, my inventory is usually full of soup lately too :x Thanks again for the trade! <3

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