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User ID: #10927
Username: noiro18
Gender: Male
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 5:49 pm

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    • I don't have much right now, but how much fd would you want for each?

    • Hi! I was looking around your shop and was wondering if you would be interested in trading for or selling one of your Armour crystal: strength, Utility crystal: frigid, and/or Utility crystal: solid? Anything in my shop that catches your eye or if you are looking for any items, I could check my inventory for to trade.

    • How is the Cat keepsake gotten?

    • If you're sure! ;W; thank you so much, I appreciate it immensely <33333

    • Aaaaaaaah that's so sweet of you! I feel bad accepting, I have a ton of plunder and stickers already I just bought more of the ones listed and wanted to even them out so I had the same amount of each ;w;

    • If I remember correctly (and the info I read a while back does still apply) 1000 is the baseline at 0 wins, right? Taking the relative elo of players into account when calculating the values seems a good safeguard to prevent a player´s elo getting completely tanked and taken out of the game by a "bad" streak of duels.
      (Also thanks for the duels! You would have obliterated me anyway so I don´t feel quite as stupid for registering the wrong villager ;))

    • Also have to say those kitsune items are pretty op with all those nice effects. Though not sure how often you get them from one of the chests without wasting a huge chunk of furcoins. Those items make you a force to be reckoned with.

    • so much welcome~ Carrot has got some good works out there.

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    • Would you trade your Scholarly Familiar for a Staff of Wisdom?

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