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Username: noiro18
Gender: Male
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 5:49 pm

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    • ok i have about 40 dark tablets and 4 aqua gills

      can you send the trade please :)

    • hi, im earning a few tkens in the lvl 20 fields but still need some in a short times notic for costumes i need, let me know if something strikes your attention on my profile,button book, sticker book, menagerie, or toybox and maybe we can haggle

    • Would you take 400k FC plus 1100 FD for the kitsune headdress?

    • Would you trade one of your doom clucks for something in my stall perhaps?

    • Know that feels all to well xD I wish some days I could bring back my "Strongest man" build.... but as Hale's ring doesn't give -5k resists anymore, there's no way I can make sure I lose turn 1 xD

      But ya... new-ish farm build I've been using, though normally use the lion ring for the life steal. Otherwise, PvP, using the dark ring for the speed.... I've liked it, but obviously hidden earth/frost kinda messes me up, and going second is pure death xD Though congrats on getting through a 73-ish% chance to doge turn one on that last one!

    • Have you tried any runs yet to KO skul in the the alpha wolves arena? Not sure if it is possible to take away all his hp before turn 12 but you might be the one that could somehow achieve that.

    • I have run into the fearsome harbinger every now and then but he seems as rare as agate in the wandering monsters arena.

    • I have...no idea...That's really weird. Bug?

    • I think one of your companions allowed you to bypass the block since I didn't use any cleansing effects on that battle or you just did 8.8k damage and that was half of the damage that was actually blocked.

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