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    • Well, 'tis muchly appreciated! Lemme go through my storage and see if there's anything else I can send as a follow-up thank-you, 'cause I know others around the site were offering more than I had. I finally had a Flowering Amulet drop for me in the explorer event today, if that's of any interest. :3

    • Thank you for the tablets! The pot is super experimental though, so it was nice of you to try to help in the first place :)

    • Know the feeling XD And I think I made a build that could stall yours out! It's kinda healthy XD .... Well, maybe not stall out, but it'd at least take a good number of turns to beat it!

    • Well, in your "past forum posts" section, it's on page two about half way down XD But yaaaaa.... Looking at that build, everything I have comes up soooo close to where your equipment is xD 118 light scale, 125 Kyla's.... Think I only have you beat with my 117 Thatchers amulet~! XD Wooooo~! I have 2 more mitigation than you~! XD

    • Ya, know what you mean xD It sort of worked before, but it was super flaky with how it did.... But now it's a beast, along with the other rings. I'm actually excited to try them out! XD But ya.... Right now, best tiger blade I have is a 140% [0], and I only have a 100% and a 121% Luake's Smasher.... Besides that, I'm pretty sure that any of the other STR boosting equipment I have, you already have as well or better xD

    • Good gawd that ring D8 I hope you can get some good loot for it! as I sure as heck don't have anything high enough potency STR based things that could even come close to its new value xD

    • Thank you for the pikas? XD

    • Ahh the hunt for higher potency weapons... I feel ya there but totally wish you all the luck in finding a nice one! OwO

    • Oh my goodness! Thank you so much! <3

    • Okay what's with the nice people tonight, thank you very much????

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