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    • I think you are doing more damage then ever with those companions then you were doing before with your upgraded tiger blade. Not much you can do when you are getting hit by 4.8k damage a turn O_o

    • I figured so much as you do need one thing before it will let you do battle anywhere... but that still seems amazing xD

    • No worries, I do most of my fv stuff on mobile too and it's a nightmare so I understand xD; thanks so much! <3

    • I'm only counting 17 in the trade xwx;

    • ^.^ thank you so much for the goblet <3

    • You're very welcome but nah I'll wait for somebody I can beat lol

    • Okay, I'm glad I'm not the only one xD I thought about calculating out the gold bardiche, but then realized it'd have a -15 speed stat on it, and went "Nope; I'm all set with that" xD

      But yes~ It'd be a lot of fun to have, but waaaaaaayyyy to powerful for us mere mortals. The 500% starter weapons though have the potential to be really amazing stat sticks; they'd all give +5 to the stats they boost.

    • Reading the "unofficial tournament" threads recent posts.... a 500% tiger blade would deal 1375 to 1750 base physical damage...... I'm very glad it's just a starter novelty weapon XD

    • Mosaic looks nice!

    • Thank you for letting me try! I couldn’t quite figure out the rest of the build, but thank you for sticking with me as long as you did, it was helpful

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