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User ID: #100942
Username: Boris
Gender: Male
Last Online: 6 May 2021, 9:18 pm
Registered: 11 Jul 2017, 4:59 pm

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Welcome to my profile... if you are reading this... please send fountain pens because I am lost... also, send them with an owl because they always seem to know where the receiver is located... also... that was a joke and a reference.

I am... fairly new to this site, though I did learn something... I learned a little how to do css code for profile... I'm just a bit sad I can't use cursive for it; although, I did not try using more than one cursive font... I just tried Lobster Two, but that did nothing... oh well. As I was saying, I am new.

I like listening to music, though my favourite would have to be video game soundtracks and music from the 60's. While I strongly dislike rap, old rap is MUCH better than today's rap. I also like to play video games sometimes.

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    • Ah alright

    • I sent u scalemail btw don’t think u saw the transfer ^_^

    • Hey!

      Are u still looking for sun coins or scale mail? (Ik this message is years late but.. xD)

    • Aa, ok

    • No, sorry but if I do get one I will tell ya :D

    • Thanks so much for the sky coins! Really appreciate it <3

    • The fertilizer recipe can only be learned by alchemists. it brews at the same rate it takes pumpkins to grow.

    • Ah! Califur. I been looking into doing conventions yearly. Would like to do that one some time. I live on the other side of the states though. I hope you get to go!

    • You're welcome! Aww thank you! I'm always open so if down the road you want one, just let me know! =3

    • Thanks for the candy! Happy Halloween!

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