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Username: noiro18
Gender: Male
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 5:49 pm

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    • cool, ready when you are :)

    • So how's the damage on your Tiger Blade now? OwO

    • Thanks for the potion!

    • I will definitely keep that in mind, thank you! Also if you ever need to swap new event equips, I'm generally pretty fast at gathering them for trades <3

    • Other than that PVP is okay for me, but it's just that a particular person stalks my activity and gets on PVP the moment I do just to grind on my back. To clarify on the jerk part oops. Then that stops being fun.

    • Oh 1350? Then I'm screwed haha. Some people were jerks and didn't let me win so my ELO started to tank a lot over the months. They realy gotta clear the PVE bug asap because 2000 VP reward won't be enough for me to reach the goal.

    • Yeah I was never sure what the tipping point for ELO was, mine is currently 1067. I always thought I needed a certain high placement on the ranking list for the best reward

    • Even with the PVP reward I'll barely have enough, few points short. PVE points never reset for me, do you think I should make a bug report about it?

    • No problem! I'm scrambling to get that hidden earth amulet so I had to do some quick battles. I don't think I still have enough though OTL

    • Mmm yeah I usually spend my elixirs in Deadly too. Deadlier has nice loot drops but those rings are rare as all get out. O.x Seems like custom items hate me. I've only ever found the Card-Sharp's Deck and that was the end of my luck. xD
      I'll likely follow your advice. Blow normal charges on Deadlier and then elixirs only on Deadly. A good combo.

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