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User ID: #59082
Username: Kaenisei
Gender: Female
Registered: 6 Jul 2016, 2:24 pm

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*whispers* Guys, guys, if you see anything you want from my stall, you can poke me to trade for another currency (FC <=> FD) or pets/plushes/stickers I'm missing.

Also, let's make this clear, I'm not trading my menagerie/toybox/gallery!



Kaenisei | Hobbyist digital artist & OC mama | Software engineer | whatever pronoun you want to use i don't rly care

Status: Half sleeping, half doing commissions, half worrying about life. Three halves bc I'm mathematically fabulous.
Commission status: closed, many things to finish...
Need: Do some serious CSS | Cover my villagers with painties | Make a paintie credits file | Poke once again the buyers of my premades for credit tag
Todo: Use Penguin Velociraptor & Maiden Canine plushes | Octopus Horse Painties | Village Helmets! | Gallery update for this + this too + here as well + these + these + i have too many xD + rip my FC + need help + too many eee| Swap pet genders


♣ ♣

Some random threads I like
Cool pet icons ;o;
Pirate Crocs -- feel a need to play with that base
Nice warrior saggitari base!

Will be checking
(x)(x) (x)

Villagers 49

Comments 220

    • Of course!! Having at least one rare-colored of each pet can be sooo useful ^^ Thank you for making that thread and being so generous though!

    • Thank you for the wonderful gifts. ^^

    • No problem. I like helping if I can. :)

    • Seabreeze_thefox You're welcome! :D
      I thought they'd be better in your menagerie than recycled into Fur Gems I'll never use haha~

    • Thank you so much for the mini pets, I didn't have any of them!! You're so nice :')

    • I didn't see it sorry, I'll keep looking and if I cant find one i have I 'll buy you one as long as its not too expensive.

    • Very Welcome.

    • i really don't mind what you do with it

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