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Username: okamiterrior
Registered: 6 Jul 2016, 4:34 pm

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Profile inactive as of 8/26/2017
I may or may not come back to Furvilla.

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    • Oh wow! Thanks for the tip! <3

    • Thanks a lot for the map!! :)

    • aww so cute!! Thanks a lot for drawing that little thing sklfjds ;o; ♥

    • qwq thank you so much, I really needed brain coral in particular, super appreciated!!

    • c: you need to get someone's ID and go to Commerce in the dropdown bar and pick trading
      it prompts you to put in the person's ID so they recieve the trade x3

    • Maybe I am. //winks// Funny that some websites say that daffodils mean "I want you" in language of flowers though haha

    • ooh thank you so much! ;o; (that one was very unexpected sdfjsdfs)

    • You're welcome for the pet ^-^

    • Yo! Did you want to enter the raffle? It's ok if you changed your mind :o just wanted to make sure!

    • I lost track of time and I actually need to head out of the house. Hopefully I can have the starting stuff for basic bids set up tonight so I can at least start a 'round one type idea..

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