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User ID: #62569
Username: SkylarTheCuddlyWolf
Gender: Male
Last Online: 1 Jan 2022, 2:02 pm
Registered: 7 Jul 2016, 2:59 am

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[color=#602A1E] Previous Lottery Wins. #547 89k

Hello! Welcome to my profile.
Magical Gembound Plush []
1 Mil FC []
Magical Snuffle Plush [Done!]
More Villagers [Done!]
Flailadon Morphing Potion + Villager [Done!]
Magical Shiba-Inu Plush + Villager [Done!]
Mythical Costumed Villager []
Leodon Morphing Potion + Villager [Done]
Diver Costumed Villager [Done!]

Thanks for stopping by! Go ahead and leave a message if you would like to chat!


Looking for art of my Deergi!

Credit to Noll for the CCS used here! Check out their forum thread!

Villagers 12

Comments 50

    • I prepaid for Big Pride Runner~ so that was 2,500 FC, I sent over a 1fc trade to start for you~

    • Will do, but what am I sending over again. I'm so sorry~

      Also I love your backround image (the one with the hand and the smol ones behind)~ Do you have a way of me getting those for my sister?

    • Hey, I may have missed your message, I'm so sorry~ Do you still need me to start a trade?

    • hmm i tried adding you but it says something isnt right :( maybe try adding me? im puppychomp#7560

    • sure!! ill add you right now :3

    • aww thats so sweet!! that made me really happy, id love to draw something for you soon! <3

    • Thank you happy valintines day to you as well ^w^

    • Joltik is so cute!

      And your pfp is so cute, it reminds me of Stormi Folf! ^^

    • uwu!!

    • ;0; Corgiii

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