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User ID: #64961
Username: Jzanky
Gender: Male
Last Online: 19 Apr 2021, 12:36 pm
Registered: 7 Jul 2016, 5:08 pm

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Paintie and top two profile arts by marymouse!!
3rd and 4th profile art by Kitchiki!
2nd to bottom profile art by Andrea Radeck!
Bottom profile art by Pastel!

<3 Bahati

Villagers 25

Comments 85

    • If I decide to do it, I'll ping you three times just because I know you like getting pinged... xD

    • I'm not streaming my shower tonight! DX I want to keep my channel and not have all of the bans because of it! .... Maybe I'd stream dinner, BUT NOT THE SHOWER! D<

    • That's not what the C stands for! It's a pun! DX

    • Lions themselves don't need to hide, but what about hiding something important! Like the young lion cubs! Have to keep them hidden away safe somewhere D8

    • Well.... ya..... But where would you put valuable things? Obviously not out in the open somewhere! D8

    • Well, going by that logic, why wasn't the 2m FC buried as well? You must not have thought very much of it to leave it just laying about like a rusty old sword~

    • Wait, but it's fine to take a sword sitting out in front of my house!? How can that even be! D8

    • Well damn, what a coincidence~! I found two million fur coins right in front of your house! Crazy, hua?

    • GASP! Really!?! That's amazing~! They're pretty rare! 8D

    • That they really do, and even more so when paired all together~ And yaaaaa.... This doggo wouldn't be able to pass up a +10 warrior charge costume, seeing how it's his most favorite thing here XD

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