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Username: Carrie
Gender: water nymph
Last Online: 5 Jan 2020, 1:45 pm
Registered: 7 Jul 2016, 11:28 pm

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So, there's not much to know about me, I guess. I'm just a nerdy adult who likes to fill any actual free time I have with games. I'm currently playing Pokemon Sun and Spyro Reignited. My pets are bunnies, a gerbil, and a turtle, my favorite junk food is pizza, and most of what I watch is on YouTube. If I make a mistake, I'm probably not wearing my glasses. ^^;
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    • Aaagh thank you!!! I'm currently trying to work my social media back up to steam. I haven't been active since tumblr good ol days, but I refuse to post there now because I do have element to my work that tumblr no longer accepts. I want to start up an instragram, but I just haven't had time since school started ;0;. I just mainly exist on obscure roleplay forums at the moment haha. BUT once I get that up I'll post it to my page here!! Thank you for your interest in my work! It means so much to me!

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    • thank you <3

    • Welcome back <3

    • heh, thanks very much friend! B)

    • You're welcome for the purchase :)

    • Thank you for purchasing medicine from my doctor. I hope it works! :)

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