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User ID: #67765
Username: HisPumpkin
Gender: Female
Last Online: 13 Apr 2021, 8:48 pm
Registered: 7 Dec 2016, 12:03 pm

Profile description

Thanks for stopping by.
((wait, our tiny village is floating around ... Just visiting Oceandome))

They call me HisPumpkin, Stretch, Mom, Instructor, Buibui and Deep Emerald.
I am a survivor, Omnist, naturalist, maverick, shaman, animal lover/puma, Taurus, born in ayear of the Boar/pig. <3

I do adore:
- Yellow - all shades, even green requires yellow
- all great winged creatures and oddly their prey: tiny critters like rats, bats, frogs etc.
- Spiders: appreciatively learning about these unique pest controllers (& phobias)
- Gardening: growing herbs (& veggies), harvesting, drying, and learning about herbal remedies, rediscovering wild edibles
- wandering around Furvilla and Dragcave for fun.

Please be patient with me. My brain overloads and I become overly forgetful. After a FV hiatus I had to relearn the careers. I'm still reminding myself how to do tech things.
I continue my struggle for self-improvement [continual learning, physical recovery, and fighting chronic pain and Seasonal Affected Disorder (depression).]


"Meet the winged villagers flying around our quaint town. I am so excited to make friends and work together to create strong bonds.
Stay safe."

Current Goals:
Fill menagerie with all pets (both sexes)
Galaxy and Mystic Costume
:-( I coulda had a silver trophy :'(
Come See My SHOP!


Mass Cott

My Gemsona: Deep Emerald

Villagers 12

Comments 60

    • OHh hey there! Ahhh sorry bout your food! But its probably lost to a ghoul now, Alastair lets them have run the forest, But hey! at least you only ran into Wickerbeasts so far, please be careful while in the forest. If you need help out just follow the glowing mushrooms *points to tiny bairly glowing plants* - Clark The mage of Emigorth forest

    • No problem! Fairies are always overcrowding my inventory when your able to collect them aha

    • Indeed I am dear pumpkin friend. Terribly sorry to hear about that headache of yours, hope you feel better!

    • Hallow other pumpkin. How is you?

    • Oh thank you! I love that spooky rabbit

    • Spiders are so much fun. I've been watching a Spinybacked Orb Weaver on my porch that has grown from a tiny speck to a fine young lady spider.

    • RAWR!

    • Thanks! <3 I'll let you know when I reopen if you like? I'm still a bit busy with a new job and getting all my threads up and running, but it should be fairly soon. Are you enjoying the site so far? c:

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