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Username: DivideByZiro
Gender: Demiboy
Registered: 8 Dec 2016, 6:38 pm

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heyhey I'm Rei! I've returned from the dead to lurk for the rest of time!!

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    • It's fine! I'll probably go for a base redraw~~ Thanks for letting me know! I'll keep this in mind so I don't spend it all on pets and warrior items! ^u^

    • @taezilla aa I'm so so sorry for taking so long to get back to you! I'm a little backed up at the moment, but I can definitely let you know when I'm free to do one for you! <3
      I do base redraws for 100FD/kFC, big edits and splicing an extra 5o; and shifties range from 200-1000FD, based on the completeness!

    • I'd like to commission a paintie from you but I don't know how much that would be (FV currency) and I'm not sure if they're open?

    • I'd like to commission a chibi from you! How much would it be?)

    • actually, do you have an instagram or a Toyhouse (or a dA, if u have all then what are they bc its Highly Possible he might occur on some of my social medias ((as like icons n stuff)) and i wanna have proper credit n stuff if thats ok)

    • Stopping by to say, hi fellow otter nerd.

    • I saw the dragling you made on my dragling thread a while ago, I never saw it then but I just did, it looks amazing! You probably don't remember it Would it be okay if I used it? :) This is where it was from :)

    • You're welcome. ^u^


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