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Username: Nindroid
Gender: Bigender
Last Online: 17 Jun 2020, 1:31 am
Registered: 8 Dec 2016, 8:19 pm

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Previously Murdock!

zane/matt | he/him or she/her | 21 | fv time -2


hi i'm zane or matt and i love space and being gay.

i'm sorry if i don't respond to you! i'm not ignoring you! i either missed it or i was going to reply but forgot! don't feel bad re-messaging/pinging! i may need it sometimes.


twitter | tumblr | storenvy | neopets | flight rising | toyhouse | dragcave


• daredevil
(the comics and netflix show)
• john wick
• be more chill
• the martian
• lego: ninjago
• transformers
• power rangers
• marvel
• warframe
• destiny
• the drawfee channel
• monster factory/the adventure zone/all that good good mcelory content


all the decosaurs honstly.........



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    • hey kiddo, if you ever feel swamped in your mlp vector stuff please let me know, and i will totally help you out! i'd love to be partners and have my illustrator skills actually go towards something other than putting glasses on my badger child /sobs

    • finally

      another filthy adobe illustrator lover B')

    • You're welcome! <3

    • untitled_by_kitty_blu-dato287.png
      I love Bastet but heck I can't draw her ;v;[/img]
      From the 'draw villager poorly' thread ;v;

    • commenting here cause I dont wanna disrupt the flow of the thread but HECK THANK YOU I LOVE HOW YOU DREW GLUT AAA QOQ

    • Tfw you're too excited for that Ultron event in avac :v
      also Hawkeye looks too good there

    • Your signature is perfect aaa

    • Best canon username.
      Love me some murdock

    • seriously! it has a lot of players but not a big fandom.... (ps the eliksni deserved better)

    • another destiny fan? a rare sight!

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